Customer reviews

Celestial Comet #7 weight is an absolutely fantastic line. 
With over 40 years experience I must say this is a First Class line handles like a dream. A must for me now. I've recommended this to others whom all agree it's a game changer.

A. Bufton. Trelewis

As a new customer I recently purchased a three weight Meteor floating fly line from Celestial Fly lines. At eighty years of age you would have thought I new something about fly lines having been fly fishing for sixty of those years. Well, you learn something new every day they say and I have!
Disappointment then elation!! Fitting the line to my reel I was disappointed to find it was devoid of loops, something a number of us fly anglers have come to expect. So, on went Roman Mosser Loops and on went the line. So far so good!
Out on the lawn now and the first thing I notice is how slim the line is and how slick it passes through the rod guides. This line is delicate but mends well and is lovely to roll cast. Out on river with fifteen foot of line out it behaves delightfully! I’m taken with this and you could say Elated!!
So much so I promptly order the seven weight Comet! My wife says I’m being rash! Again no loops but I don’t care ! This line is matched with a Sage large arbor reel and a matching 9’6” rod. This set up is for bigger waters and so I head for the Tamar where there is the chance of a Sea Trout or something finer!
The comet is a weight forward line and is said to give one both distance and control. Well, I can certainly vouch for that. Like the Meteor it is nice and slick, shoots well and mends with little effort on my part. It’s easy to control and presents a team of flies with ease. I like this line and look forward now to those long casts needed on the Scottish river I shall be visiting later in the year.
Thank you Steve! Two wonderful lines with British origins made by a genuine craftsman at the heart of world fly fishing.

R Dibble, Cornwall

Purchased the comet as fish I Stillwaters ...cracker of a line ... Casts a dream...sits straight on the water right off the reel and with the hi Viz colour there is no missing any takes ...very happy angler.

A Twaddle. Arbroath

Bought the comet WF7 last week. Love the bright orange. Great line, very easy to cast. I found making sure I didn't have too much line out works better for me. I've had lines that lie on the water very straight, but this one. It's like a pencil. 100% straight. That was right away on its first outing. Very happy, will buy more. Good to see it's British made too.

Ben from Glasgow.

Absolutely superb line,floats high and straight. This is my main line company from now on. I notice Ross (Caithness Fly Fisher) singing its praises on you tube.

Norrie, Inverness

I must've used every line on the market over the last 30 odd years. These celestial lines have been great since last summer, slick, straight, great casting and handling. And a great price with quality and that's rare. I fully recommend them. I use them for river and still-waters.

Bill Surtees, Dumfries

I purchased the Celestial Comet 8wt for use on large reservoirs. Line has a nice slick feel and casts very well with minimal effort most importantly it sits straight on the water and the slight stretch allows the perfect balance between keeping in touch with the flies and cushioning the viscous takes.
Will be adding a few more Celestial lines to the collection.

Anthony Rees
Carmarthenshire, Wales

It's rare to find visible lines in numbers below the classic 5wt. With its bright orange colour, the Celestial Comet is highly visible and, what's more, offers perfect glide, which is the first quality I look for in a line. Thanks to its head length and weight distribution, it's completely DT-like in the casting distances I'm looking for in the Italian casting style. This is why it has become one of my go-to lines for demonstrations and teaching

Malik Masbouri, Switzerland

Bought my Comet line after hearing good things and it did not disappoint. Only used it once so far but it performed perfectly. Very easy to cast and lovely presentation. Caught me a few fish too! Will be looking out for other variants.

Jonny, Carmarthenshire, Wales

I’ve used both the 27 and 55 gram Celestial Competition Fly Lines extensively whilst training for fly distance events. Both lines are amazing; they are silky smooth and the line design ensures a straight line delivery which is just so important in distance events.
Look no further, these are superb lines which I thoroughly recommend.

Philip Smith, Australian Casting Team

I purchased the Celestial Comet 6 weight floating fly line (in fabulous orange which is both beautiful and really easy to watch on the water) and can seriously recommend it. This line (after a good arm stretch - I stretch about 3 feet at a time, with a steady pull pressure) is a delight to cast. It sits very straight on the water, and rides high - perfect to lift off and re-cast with minimal disturbance, and, even at 70 feet plus, lands lightly, and straight so that I am in immediate contact should a fish take my fly... It turns over my 12 foot tapered leaders effortlessly - which is what a fly line should do... although many don't. A while ago I decided to treat myself to the 'best' line money can buy, according to magazines, dealers, Youtube, etc... A well-known American fly line 6wt floating line... What a disappointment! That line had more memory than my ex-wife, and, despite multiple attempts to stretch it to remove the coils, it coiled dreadfully, and was practically un-castable... at £128 it was a disaster - I sold it on eBay for a fraction just to get rid of it. Lesson learned - a marketing machine from the world's biggest noise in fly lines sold me something I just wanted rid of... the Celestial Comet is, for about one third of the cost, a far, far, far better line in my view. A delight to cast, control, and enjoy. 5 Stars!
Mark T. UK

Well what can I say …. The  6# floating line that I have is very smooth and moves easily with not too much effort. That’s not to say it cast itself but it makes fishing pleasurable, which it should be. No gimmicks just a lovely honest line.
If you double haul then you will cast to the backing.
Charlie . (Norfolk .UK.)
Purchased the comet #7 weight line, its a quality product with a very reasonable price. Very easy to cast, shoots through the guides effortlessly and casting distance is not an issue. It lands with minimal disturbance and sits nice and straight. Whether you're a beginner or a proficient caster I would highly recommend this line.
C. Saunders. Edinburgh
 I have already recommended the line to my fishing friends.
I mainly fish hill lochs so need a line that I can punt into a wind, but also fish margins in flat calm conditions. The Comet is the line. The coating is sublime, the taper perfect. I'm fishing a #5 on a #5 Sage One. A friend told me the story of how you got to where you are and you have my absolute respect.
Thanks again, Scotty

I've been using the Comet #6 over the last year for both fishing and pure casting practice. The density and slickness are perfect and provide great casting performance. The stiffness is also spot on, and it has no memory. The orange color is highly visible and awesome for teaching.

The profile is really versatile: the front taper is long and allows for light presentation, and the back taper is progressive enough to have a smooth transition between the head and the running line to carry a lot of line in the air (if needed). I've also had great fun with it for single handed spey.

Without a doubt, the Comet is among the best flylines on the market. It is in my shortlist of lines I recommend to prepare a casting instructor certification exam. Give it a shot!