Celestial Fly Lines

Our mission

Celestial Fly Lines has a very simple goal... to provide British Made fly lines of the highest possible quality that are a delight to cast and fish with.

Celestial Fly Lines is the brainchild of Stephen Parkes. Steve is an ex-RAF aircraft technician and a competing member of the U.K. fly casting team and he has competed in the last three world championships. For the last 13 years he has been designing and building fine fly rods, trading as the renowned AtomSix Fly Rods.

Under the AtomSix banner Steve designed a range of tournament fly lines using his experience in international casting competitions. Those designs went on to win multiple world casting championships and national gold medals. This success fuelled his desire to design fly fishing lines as well as competition lines.

In the Spring of 2022, Steve realised that he not only wanted to design fly lines but make them as well. In a moment of complete and utter madness, he decided he could design and manufacture the machinery to make them!!! After 18 months of blood, sweat and tears, more sweat and more tears…… here we are.

Celestial Fly Lines is here to provide fly lines that are a joy to use...for fishing and for competition casting.

Competition casting lines are made to extremely tight parameters such as weight, length, diameter and density. We have continued this attention to detail in our fishing lines as well. The AFFTA weight standard was designed to give fly line manufacturers set parameters for production of their lines. This then gave fishermen the exact information as to what they were using.  As a rod designer/builder Steve knows that the line weight stated on the rod is a guide only. However, the line weight printed on the side of a fly line box should be an accurate description of the line it contains. Otherwise fishermen have the difficult task of trying to match 2 variables. Celestial Fly Lines always follow this methodology.

Tournament casting is a small and highly specialised sport, so purpose designed lines can be extremely hard to find. The Celestial Fly Lines 'Competition' range have been used to win multiple events in world championships and also national championships in countries such as the U.K., Japan, Sweden, Norway and the U.S. Need we say more except that our fishing lines are just as good.

Celestial fly lines are proudly Made in the United Kingdom on state of the art computer controlled machinery, using the highest quality materials, to strict tolerances, regardless of cost. Our aim is to make our lines a British manufactured product we can be proud of.

Celestial Fly Lines