Heaven to cast



Welcome to the U.K's newest fly line manufacturer.
All Celestial fly lines are designed and manufactured in-house on our own brand new state of the art machinery.
We specialise not only in fishing lines but also in tournament casting lines.

Current line up include the 'COMET', COMET-X', 'METEOR', 'ECLIPSE' and 'COMPETITION' series.
The 'TECH SPEY' lines were developed for the double handed casting instructors/examiners. The new ECLIPSE lines are a great choice for the single handed exams.

The COMETS are a punchy weight forward line with no parallel belly section. These are all about easy distance whilst still able to work at shorter range. These will be the choice for most fishermen. The COMET-Xs are a more distance aimed version.

The METEORS are a rear weight biased line designed for roll and single handed spey casting. These are all about delicate presentation.

The all new ECLIPSE  lines are also a rear weight biased, shorter head line designed for overhead and single handed spey casting. These are a very easy casting line.

The COMPETITION series of lines are designed purely for tournament casting. Designed by international tournament casters and have already been used to win multiple world championship events.


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